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Art Of Noise In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition

When it comes to experimental music, few albums have left as indelible a mark as “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” by The Art of Noise. Released in 1987, this iconic record shattered musical conventions and pushed the boundaries of sound. In this comprehensive review, we will embark on a sonic journey, exploring the intricate details of each track, the innovative production techniques employed, the collaborative efforts that shaped the album, its cultural impact, critical reception, and its enduring legacy in contemporary music.

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Tracklist Exploration: Unveiling the Sonic Journey

The tracklist of “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” offers a mesmerizing sonic adventure that blends various genres and experimental techniques. Each composition stands on its own, yet together they form a cohesive and captivating listening experience. Let’s delve into the individual tracks and uncover the artistic brilliance behind each one.

Galleons of Stone: A Mesmerizing Opener

The album begins with “Galleons of Stone,” an enchanting track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. It combines ethereal synthesizers, lush strings, and intricate percussion, creating a sonic landscape that transports the audience to uncharted territories. The blend of organic and electronic elements showcases The Art of Noise’s ability to seamlessly merge diverse sounds into a harmonious whole. As you listen, you can almost visualize the galleons sailing through the vast expanse of a musical universe.

Snake Charmer: Hypnotic Rhythms and Exotic Melodies

“Snake Charmer” takes us on a journey into the mysterious and exotic realms of sound. The hypnotic rhythms, reminiscent of a snake’s undulating movements, intertwine with ethereal melodies, creating an otherworldly experience. It is a testament to The Art of Noise’s ability to blend disparate elements into a cohesive and captivating composition. Close your eyes, and you can almost hear the enchanting melodies of a snake charmer’s flute as it weaves its magic.

Yebo!: A Rhythmic Fusion of Cultures

“Yebo!” introduces us to the fascinating world of African rhythms and tribal chants. The track fuses traditional African percussion with modern electronic beats, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. The infectious energy of the track is impossible to resist, and it showcases The Art of Noise’s ability to incorporate global musical influences into their unique sonic palette. “Yebo!” is a celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries.

Ransom on the Sand: An Ethereal Journey

“Ransom on the Sand” takes us on an ethereal journey through layers of atmospheric textures. The haunting melodies and ethereal vocals create a sense of mystery and intrigue. The track’s sonic landscape feels like a vast desert, with its shifting sands and hidden treasures. The Art of Noise masterfully combines delicate piano motifs, ethereal synthesizers, and mesmerizing vocal samples, painting a sonic picture that is both evocative and enchanting.

Roller 1: A Sonic Rollercoaster Ride

“Roller 1” injects a burst of energy into the album with its pulsating beats and frenetic rhythms. It is a sonic rollercoaster ride that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. The track’s infectious energy and relentless drive showcase The Art of Noise’s ability to create music that is both captivating and exhilarating. Close your eyes, and you can almost feel the adrenaline rush as you soar through the twists and turns of this sonic thrill ride.

Nothing Was Going to Stop Them Then, Anyway: An Ambient Journey

“Nothing Was Going to Stop Them Then, Anyway” takes us on an ambient journey through a landscape of dreamy soundscapes and delicate melodies. The track envelops the listener in a serene and introspective atmosphere, allowing them to escape from the chaos of the outside world. The Art of Noise’s masterful use of subtle textures and ethereal harmonies creates a sense of tranquility and introspection. It is a moment of respite amidst the album’s eclectic sonic tapestry.

Crusoe: A Musical Narrative

“Crusoe” unfolds like a musical narrative, taking the listener on a sonic adventure through a deserted island. The track’s intricate layers of percussion, evocative melodies, and atmospheric textures create a vivid portrayal of Robinson Crusoe’s solitary existence. The Art of Noise’s ability to paint a sonic picture that tells a story is showcased in this mesmerizing composition. Close your eyes, and you can almost envision the waves crashing on the shore and the rustling of palm leaves in the tropical breeze.

Roundabout 727: A Whirlwind of Sound

“Roundabout 727” is a whirlwind of sound that immerses the listener in a sonic vortex of frenetic rhythms and mesmerizing melodies. The track’s pulsating beats and intricate layers of sound create a sense of exhilaration and movement. It is a sonic representation of a speeding train hurtling through the countryside. The Art of Noise’s ability to create music that is both dynamic and captivating is on full display in this adrenaline-fueled composition.

Backbeat: A Funky Groove

“Backbeat” injects a funky groove into the album, with its infectious bassline and rhythmic guitar riffs. The track’s upbeat energy and catchy melodies make it impossible to resist tapping your feet along. It is a testament to The Art of Noise’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create music that is both innovative and accessible. Close your eyes, and you can almost envision a dancefloor filled with people grooving to the infectious rhythm of “Backbeat.”

Dragnet: A Haunting Finale

The album concludes with “Dragnet,” a hauntingly beautiful track that leaves a lasting impression. The sparse instrumentation, haunting vocal samples, and atmospheric textures create an eerie and mysterious atmosphere. “Dragnet” is a sonic representation of a noir film, with its dark and brooding ambiance. The track showcases The Art of Noise’s ability to create music that evokes strong emotions and resonates deeply with the listener. It is a fitting finale to a mesmerizing sonic journey.

Production Techniques: Pushing the Boundaries of Sound

The Art of Noise was renowned for their groundbreaking production techniques, and “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” is a testament to their innovative approach to sound. In this section, we will explore the methods used to create the mesmerizing soundscape of this album. From sampling everyday objects to manipulating analog synthesizers, we will uncover the secrets behind the album’s unique sonic palette.

Sampling: Transforming the Mundane into Musical

The Art of Noise revolutionized the use of sampling in “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition.” They took everyday sounds and transformed them into musical elements, blurring the line between music and noise. From the opening track’s use of seagull cries to the tribal chants in “Yebo!,” the album is a testament to their ability to find musicality in the most unexpected places. The Art of Noise’s innovative approach to sampling paved the way for future generations of musicians and producers.

Analog Synthesizers: Shaping the Sonic Landscape

Another key aspect of The Art of Noise’s production techniques is their use of analog synthesizers. In “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition,” they harnessed the power of these instruments to create rich and textured soundscapes. The warm and organic tones produced by analog synthesizers added depth and character to the album’s compositions. By manipulating these instruments, The Art of Noise was able to craft unique sonic landscapes that were both captivating and immersive.

Layering and Manipulation: Creating Sonic Complexity

The Art of Noise’s production techniques also involved intricate layering and manipulation of sounds. They would meticulously stack different elements on top of each other, creating a sonic complexity that was both intriguing and immersive. By manipulating the characteristics of each sound, such as pitch, timbre, and duration, they were able to sculpt a sonic landscape that was constantly evolving and surprising. The album’s compositions are a testament to their meticulous attention to detail and their ability to craftsonic textures that captivate the listener’s attention.

Experimental Sound Design: Embracing the Unconventional

An integral part of The Art of Noise’s production techniques is their willingness to embrace unconventional and experimental sound design. They pushed the boundaries of what was considered mainstream, incorporating sounds and textures that were rarely heard in popular music. From the use of found objects as percussion instruments to the manipulation of vocal samples, they constantly challenged traditional notions of how music should sound. This fearless approach to sound design allowed them to create a sonic palette that was truly unique and groundbreaking.

Dynamic Range and Spatialization: Creating Depth and Immersion

The Art of Noise understood the importance of dynamic range and spatialization in creating a captivating listening experience. They meticulously crafted the mix of each track, ensuring that every element had its rightful place in the sonic landscape. By carefully balancing the volume, panning, and spatial effects, they created a sense of depth and immersion that drew the listener into their sonic world. The album’s tracks ebb and flow, creating moments of intimacy and intensity that enhance the overall listening experience.

Collaborations: Exploring Artistic Synergy

The Art of Noise was known for their collaborations with various artists, and “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” is a testament to their ability to synergize with other creatives. In this section, we will delve into the collaborative efforts that shaped this album, highlighting the contributions of renowned musicians and vocalists. From iconic guest appearances to unexpected collaborations, we will uncover the magic that arises when artistic minds unite.

Gary Langan: The Sonic Architect

One of the key collaborators on “In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” was Gary Langan, a renowned sound engineer and producer. Langan’s expertise in sound engineering played a crucial role in shaping the album’s sonic landscape. His meticulous attention to detail and technical prowess helped bring The Art of Noise’s artistic vision to life. Langan’s collaboration with the collective resulted in a sonic masterpiece that continues to captivate listeners to this day.

Max Headroom: The Iconic Voice

An unexpected but iconic collaboration on the album was with Max Headroom, a fictional character known for his robotic voice and quirky persona. The Art of Noise incorporated Max Headroom’s distinctive voice into several tracks, adding an element of playfulness and futuristic charm. The collaboration between The Art of Noise and Max Headroom showcased their willingness to experiment and incorporate unconventional elements into their music, further pushing the boundaries of sound.

Guest Vocalists: A Diverse Array of Voices

“In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Edition” also features guest vocalists who lent their unique voices and talents to the album. From the soulful vocals of Carol Kenyon in “Yebo!” to the haunting whispers of Sarah Gregory in “Ransom on the Sand,” each guest vocalist brought a distinct flavor to the tracks they collaborated on. The Art of Noise’s ability to seamlessly integrate these diverse voices into their sonic tapestry is a testament to their skill as producers and their dedication to creating a collaborative and inclusive musical experience.