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How To Put Promo Code In Uber

Looking to save some money on your next Uber ride? Utilizing promo codes can be a great way to enjoy discounted fares. In this detailed and comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of applying promo codes in Uber, step by step. Whether you’re a new user or an existing one, we’ve got you covered.

Uber is a popular ride-sharing service that offers convenient and affordable transportation options. By using promo codes, you can enjoy discounts on your rides, making your travel experience even more budget-friendly. Let’s dive into the world of promo codes and learn how to put them in Uber.

Understanding Uber Promo Codes

Understanding Uber Promo Codes

Uber promo codes are special alphanumeric codes that can be redeemed for discounts on your Uber rides. These codes are typically offered as part of promotional campaigns, referral programs, or special events. Promo codes can provide a percentage or fixed amount off your ride fare, enabling you to save money.

When you apply a promo code to your Uber account, the discount associated with that code will be automatically deducted from the total fare of your next eligible ride. It’s important to note that promo codes have expiration dates and usage limitations, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before using them.

Where to Find Promo Codes

Finding Promo Codes

There are various sources where you can find valid and active promo codes for Uber:

  • Online Platforms: Websites and blogs often share promo codes with their readers. Look out for dedicated pages or articles that compile the latest available codes. You can also follow social media accounts or join online communities that share promo codes.
  • Email Subscriptions: Subscribe to Uber’s newsletter or promotional emails to receive exclusive promo codes directly in your inbox. These codes are often tailored to specific regions or user segments.
  • Special Promotions: Keep an eye out for special promotions run by Uber. They may offer limited-time promo codes in partnership with other companies, during holidays, or to celebrate special events.
  • Referral Programs: Uber has a referral program that rewards users who refer their friends and family to the platform. When new users sign up with your referral code, both you and the new user can receive promo codes as a reward.

Applying Promo Codes in the Uber App

Applying Promo Codes In The Uber App

Once you have a promo code in hand, it’s time to put it to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply promo codes within the Uber app:

Step 1: Open Your Uber App

Launch the Uber app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it from your device’s app store and create an account if you’re a new user.

Step 2: Access the Menu

In the top left corner of the app, you’ll find a three-line menu icon. Tap on it to access the main menu.

Step 3: Select “Payment”

Within the menu, you’ll see various options. Look for and tap on the “Payment” option. This will take you to the payment settings page.

Step 4: Add or Select a Payment Method

If you haven’t added a payment method yet, you’ll need to do so before proceeding. Uber accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other local payment options. Follow the prompts to add your preferred payment method.

Step 5: Enter the Promo Code

Scroll down on the payment settings page until you see the “Promotions” section. Tap on the “Add Promo Code” option. A text field will appear where you can enter the promo code you have.

Step 6: Apply the Promo Code

After entering the promo code, tap on the “Apply” button. The app will validate the code and apply the associated discount to your next eligible ride. You’ll see a confirmation message if the code is successfully applied.

Understanding Promo Code Terms and Conditions

Understanding Promo Code Terms And Conditions

Before you start using promo codes in Uber, it’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions that govern their usage. Here are some key aspects to understand:

Expiration Dates

Promo codes have expiration dates, which means they are only valid for a limited time. Make sure to check the expiry date of any promo code you intend to use and take note of when it will no longer be valid.

Usage Limitations

Some promo codes may have specific usage limitations. For example, they may only be applicable to certain types of rides, such as UberX or UberPOOL. Others may have restrictions based on your location or the number of times you can use the code.

Combining Promo Codes

Uber generally allows the use of only one promo code per ride. You cannot stack multiple codes to maximize your discount. However, there may be exceptions during special promotions or for specific user segments.


Promo codes are typically non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder. They cannot be shared or sold to others. Attempting to use someone else’s promo code may result in the code being deemed invalid.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

By using promo codes in Uber, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions associated with each code. It’s important to read and understand these terms to ensure you comply with the rules set by Uber.

Troubleshooting Promo Code Issues

Troubleshooting Promo Code Issues

While applying promo codes in Uber is usually a straightforward process, you may encounter some issues along the way. Here are common problems users face and troubleshooting tips to help you resolve them:

Invalid or Expired Codes

If you receive an error message stating that your promo code is invalid or expired, double-check the code you entered for any typos or mistakes. Ensure that the code hasn’t expired and meets the usage requirements specified in the terms and conditions.

Account Ineligibility

Some promo codes are only applicable to certain users or new users. If you’re an existing user and the code doesn’t work, it may be because you’re not eligible for that specific promotion. In such cases, consider sharing the code with a friend who is a new user or keep an eye out for promotions targeted at existing users.

Regional Restrictions

Uber promo codes may have regional restrictions, meaning they are only valid in specific cities or countries. If you’re traveling or using a code obtained from another region, it may not be applicable to your current location. Check the terms and conditions to ensure the code is valid in your area.

Contact Uber Support

If you’ve double-checked the code, followed all the steps correctly, and are still experiencing issues, it’s best to reach out to Uber’s support team. They can investigate the problem and provide further assistance to resolve the issue.

Maximizing Your Savings with Promo Codes

Maximizing Your Savings With Promo Codes

While promo codes already offer great savings, there are strategies you can employ to maximize your discounts and save even more on your Uber rides. Here are some tips and tricks:

Stacking Promo Codes

Though Uber generally allows the use of only one promo code per ride, there may be opportunities to stack codes during special promotions or for specific user segments. Keep an eye out for such opportunities and take advantage of them to maximize your savings.

Timing Your Rides

Uber occasionally offers time-limited promotions during specific hours of the day or on certain days of the week. By scheduling your rides during these promotional periods, you can enjoy discounted fares without the need for a promo code.

Participating in Loyalty Programs

Uber has loyalty programs, such as Uber Rewards, that offer additional perks and benefits to frequent riders. By participating in these programs, you can earn points or unlock special discounts that can be used in conjunction with promo codes, further enhancingyour savings. Make sure to sign up for these loyalty programs and take advantage of the rewards they offer.

Refer and Earn

Uber’s referral program allows you to earn promo codes by referring new users to the platform. When someone signs up using your referral code, both you and the new user can receive discounts on your rides. Share your referral code with friends, family, and colleagues to accumulate more promo codes and enjoy increased savings.

Follow Uber on Social Media

Stay updated with the latest promotions and exclusive promo codes by following Uber on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Uber often announces special discounts, contests, and giveaways through their social media channels, giving you the opportunity to snag some fantastic deals.

Sign Up for Uber Newsletters

Subscribe to Uber’s newsletters to receive regular updates on promotions, discounts, and new features. Uber often sends out exclusive promo codes to their subscribers, providing you with additional opportunities to save on your rides.

Use Uber During Off-Peak Hours

During peak hours, such as rush hour or weekends, Uber fares may be subject to surge pricing. To avoid paying higher prices, consider adjusting your travel times to off-peak hours when demand is lower, and surge pricing is less likely to be in effect. This way, you can save money without needing a promo code.

Exploring Uber Loyalty Programs

Exploring Uber Loyalty Programs

In addition to promo codes, Uber offers loyalty programs that provide users with additional benefits and discounts. Let’s explore some of these loyalty programs:

Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards is a loyalty program designed to reward frequent riders. By using Uber services regularly, you can earn points for every dollar spent on eligible rides and Uber Eats orders. As you accumulate points, you can unlock different membership levels, such as Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, each offering its own set of perks and discounts.

Uber VIP

Uber VIP is an exclusive program available in select cities that provides access to highly-rated drivers and premium vehicles. To qualify for Uber VIP, you need to meet certain criteria, such as maintaining a high rating and taking a certain number of rides. As an Uber VIP member, you can enjoy a superior riding experience and priority access to available drivers.

Uber for Business

Uber for Business is a loyalty program tailored for corporate users. It allows businesses to manage and streamline their employees’ travel expenses by providing them with a convenient and cost-effective transportation solution. Companies enrolled in Uber for Business can access special discounts and benefits for their employees, making business travel more efficient and affordable.

Tips for Finding Exclusive Promo Codes

Tips For Finding Exclusive Promo Codes

While there are many promo codes available to the general public, finding exclusive codes can provide even greater discounts. Here are some tips to help you discover those hidden or exclusive promo codes:

Follow Influencers and Bloggers

Influencers and bloggers who specialize in sharing money-saving tips and travel advice often have access to exclusive promo codes. Follow their blogs, social media accounts, and subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated on the latest exclusive codes they may offer.

Join Uber Communities

Online communities and forums dedicated to Uber users can be great sources of exclusive promo codes. Members often share codes they receive or discover, giving you access to discounts that may not be widely known. Participate in these communities, engage with other users, and stay active to increase your chances of finding exclusive codes.

Participate in Uber Events

Uber occasionally hosts events or partnerships that offer exclusive promo codes as part of their promotions. Keep an eye out for these events, whether they are local community gatherings, sponsored activities, or themed campaigns. Participating in these events can give you access to exclusive codes and additional savings.

Subscribe to Partner Newsletters

Uber often partners with other companies or brands to offer joint promotions and discounts. By subscribing to the newsletters of these partner companies, you can receive exclusive promo codes that are not available through other channels. Explore partnerships in sectors such as food delivery, entertainment, or travel to find unique and valuable codes.

Sharing Promo Codes with Friends and Family

Sharing Promo Codes With Friends And Family

Spread the savings and share promo codes with your friends and family. Not only will they benefit from discounted rides, but you may also receive rewards for referring them. Here’s how to share promo codes and the benefits that come with it:

Referral Codes

Uber’s referral program allows you to share your referral code with friends and family. When they sign up using your code, both you and the new user can receive promo codes as a reward. Share your referral code through social media, email, or word of mouth to accumulate more codes and enjoy increased savings.

Special Occasions and Gifts

During special occasions or holidays, consider gifting promo codes to your loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday season, a promo code for discounted Uber rides can be a practical and thoughtful gift. It allows your friends and family to enjoy convenient transportation while saving money.

Sharing through Apps and Messaging Platforms

Many messaging platforms and apps offer the ability to share promo codes directly. Take advantage of these features to easily send promo codes to your contacts. You can also use apps that specialize in sharing promo codes to discover new codes and share them with your network.

Staying Updated with the Latest Promo Codes

Staying Updated With The Latest Promo Codes

To ensure you never miss out on the latest and most lucrative promo codes, here are some valuable resources and tips to stay updated:

Uber’s Official Channels

Follow Uber’s official social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Uber often announces promotions and shares promo codes exclusively through their official channels. By staying connected, you can be among the first to know about new codes and take advantage of them.

Uber Newsletters

Subscribe to Uber’s newsletters to receive regular updates on promotions, discounts, and new features. These newsletters often include exclusive promo codes that are not shared elsewhere. By subscribing, you’ll have the latest codes delivered right to your inbox.

Third-Party Apps and Websites

Use dedicated apps and websites that compile and share promo codes for various services, including Uber. These platforms continuously update their databases with the latest codes, ensuring you have access to a wide range of options. Take advantage of their search filters and notification features to find codes specific to your location and preferences.

Online Communities and Forums

Join online communities and forums where Uber users share promo codes and discuss relevant topics. These communities are often a treasure trove of exclusive codes and insider tips. Engage with other members, participate in discussions, and contribute to the community to build connections and stay updated.

In conclusion, by following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can become a pro at putting promo codes in Uber. Enjoy discounted rides, save money, and make the most of your Uber experience. Start applying those promo codes today!

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