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Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet How To Get True Ending

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Understanding the True Ending Requirements

Understanding The True Ending Requirements

Before setting out on your quest for the true ending, it’s essential to understand the specific requirements you need to fulfill. These requirements may involve completing certain side quests, achieving specific character relationships, or making critical choices throughout the game. Familiarize yourself with these requirements to ensure you’re on the right track.

Completing Side Quests and Main Storyline

One of the key requirements for unlocking the true ending in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is completing both the main storyline missions and specific side quests. The main story missions will guide you through the primary narrative of the game, while the side quests offer additional depth and opportunities to explore the world of Gun Gale Online. Make sure to carefully complete all available side quests and progress through the main story to uncover the true ending.

Nurturing Relationships with NPCs

Building strong relationships with NPCs plays a crucial role in unlocking the true ending. Take the time to interact with NPCs, engage in conversations, and undertake their personal quests. Each NPC has unique preferences and desires, so pay attention to their dialogue and act accordingly. By deepening your relationships with key characters, you’ll gain valuable insights and potentially unlock the path to the true ending.

Meeting Character Affinity Requirements

Character affinity refers to the bond and connection you develop with specific in-game characters. To achieve the true ending, you may need to fulfill certain affinity requirements for particular characters. This can involve completing quests, giving gifts, or making choices that align with their personality and values. Pay close attention to the dialogue and actions that positively impact character affinity to ensure you meet the necessary requirements.

Making Critical Choices

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet presents players with various decision points throughout the game. These choices can significantly affect the outcome and ultimately determine whether you’ll reach the true ending. Some choices may seem inconsequential at first, but they could have far-reaching consequences later on. Consider the potential outcomes and make decisions that align with your desired path towards the true ending.

Achieving Specific Game Progress Milestones

Unlocking the true ending may also require reaching specific milestones in your game progress. This can include reaching certain levels, acquiring specific weapons or gear, or exploring specific areas within the game world. Take the time to thoroughly explore Gun Gale Online, engage in battles, and complete various challenges to ensure you’re making progress towards the necessary milestones for the true ending.

Strengthening Your Character

Strengthening Your Character

To overcome the challenges that lie ahead, it’s crucial to strengthen your character. This section will provide tips and strategies to level up your character efficiently, acquire powerful weapons and gear, and enhance your skills and abilities. By maximizing your character’s potential, you’ll be better prepared to face the trials required for the true ending.

Leveling Up Effectively

Leveling up your character is essential for increasing your overall strength and abilities. To level up efficiently, focus on completing quests, defeating challenging enemies, and participating in multiplayer events. Additionally, consider allocating skill points wisely to enhance your character’s stats and abilities. By consistently leveling up, you’ll be able to tackle more demanding quests and challenges, bringing you closer to the true ending.

Acquiring Powerful Weapons and Gear

The right equipment can make a significant difference in your character’s performance. Seek out and acquire powerful weapons and gear to enhance your combat capabilities. Explore different areas, defeat formidable enemies, and complete challenging missions to obtain rare and powerful loot. Upgrade your gear regularly and consider customizing it to suit your playstyle. By wielding formidable weapons and wearing top-tier gear, you’ll be better equipped to face the trials on your path to the true ending.

Enhancing Skills and Abilities

Improving your character’s skills and abilities is essential for overcoming the challenges that await you. As you level up, you’ll earn skill points that can be allocated to various abilities and specializations. Consider your preferred playstyle and allocate skill points accordingly. Experiment with different combinations and synergies to find the most effective build for your character. By honing your skills and abilities, you’ll have a higher chance of success in your quest for the true ending.

Exploring Crafting and Enhancement Systems

In addition to acquiring powerful weapons and gear, take advantage of the game’s crafting and enhancement systems. Crafting allows you to create unique items and equipment that can give you an edge in battle. Experiment with different materials and recipes to discover powerful combinations. The enhancement system, on the other hand, allows you to upgrade your existing gear, making it even more potent. By mastering these systems and continually improving your equipment, you’ll bolster your chances of reaching the true ending.

Building Relationships with NPCs

Building Relationships With Npcs

In Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, building relationships with NPCs can significantly impact the game’s outcome. This section will guide you through establishing and nurturing relationships with key NPCs, offering insights into their preferences, dialogue options, and activities that can deepen your bond. These relationships may hold the key to unlocking the true ending.

Engaging in Meaningful Conversations

Take the time to engage in meaningful conversations with NPCs throughout the game. Listen to their stories, ask questions, and show genuine interest in their lives. Meaningful conversations can reveal new information, trigger personal quests, and strengthen your bond with the NPCs. Pay attention to their dialogue choices and respond in a way that aligns with their personality and values. By building a connection through dialogue, you’ll unlock new opportunities and deepen your relationship.

Completing Personal Quests

Each NPC in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet has their own personal quests and storylines. Completing these quests not only provides additional character development but also contributes to strengthening your relationship with the NPC. Personal quests often involve helping the NPC overcome challenges, finding items, or defeating specific enemies. Make sure to prioritize these quests and assist the NPCs to deepen your bond and potentially unlock the true ending.

Attending Social Events

Participating in social events organized by NPCs is an excellent opportunity to interact with them outside of combat situations. These events can range from casual outings to more intense battles. Attend these events whenever possible to spend quality time with the NPCs and further develop your relationship. The activities and conversations during social events can provide valuable insights into the NPCs’ personalities and preferences, bringing you closer to the true ending.

Giving Gifts and Tokens of Affection

Show your appreciation and strengthen your relationship with NPCs by giving them gifts and tokens of affection. These can be anything from rare items you’ve acquired to specialized equipment or consumables. Pay attention to each NPC’s preferences and try to give them items that align with their interests. By showing your thoughtfulness and generosity, you’ll deepen your bond and increase your chances of unlocking the true ending.

Exploring Side Quests and Missions

Exploring Side Quests And Missions

Side quests and missions often hold vital clues and rewards necessary for the true ending. This section will highlight the most crucial side quests and missions to undertake, providing step-by-step walkthroughs and tips to ensure you don’t miss any essential elements. By thoroughly exploring these additional quests, you’ll increase your chances of reaching the true ending.

Understanding the Importance of Side Quests

Side quests offer more than just additional content and rewards; they often provide essential information and context for the main story. Pay close attention to the narratives and characters involved in side quests, as they may hold clues or connections to the true ending. Don’t underestimate the significance of these seemingly optional missions, as they can greatly impact your journey towards the true ending.

Identifying Key Side Quests

While there are numerous side quests available in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, certain ones are particularly important for unlocking the true ending. These key side quests may involve significant character interactions, story revelations, or unique challenges. Keep an eye out for side quests that delve into the game’s lore, explore character backgrounds, or introduce new areas. Prioritize these quests to ensure you’re on the right path towards the true ending.

Completing Side Quest Objectives

When undertaking side quests, pay close attention to the objectives and requirements stated in the quest descriptions. Each side quest has specific goals you must accomplish to progress and complete it successfully. These objectives can range from defeating powerful enemies, finding rare items, or exploring hidden areas. Follow the quest markers, read the dialogue carefully, and utilize any hints provided to ensure you’re fulfilling the side quest objectives effectively.

Uncovering Hidden Side Quests

Not all side quests are immediately visible or accessible in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Some may require specific conditions to be met, triggering their availability. Th

Uncovering Hidden Side Quests

Not all side quests are immediately visible or accessible in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Some may require specific conditions to be met, triggering their availability. These hidden side quests often offer unique storylines, powerful rewards, or crucial information necessary for the true ending. To uncover these hidden quests, thoroughly explore different areas, talk to NPCs multiple times, and pay attention to any hints or rumors you come across. By actively seeking out and completing these hidden side quests, you’ll uncover more of the game’s secrets and increase your chances of reaching the true ending.